On the Production of Knowledge

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This page serves as a base for discussion on the experience of knowledge production on Crowd Society. Anyone who has contributed to Crowd Society is free to add to the emerging conversation, reflecting on what it means to contribute and create using a platform like this. All contributions begin with the researcher's name in bold to indicate the speaker, and like the research itself, the conversation blooms and snowballs by accumulation and engagement.

Zara Worth Further to our discussion in the final workshop last week, (Friday 20th March 2015), I thought I would create this page sooner rather than later whilst we are still in the 'Interim' stages of our own knowledge production and also beginning to work on a project together [this comment relates specifically to a group project initiated by the Goldsmiths MA LAB Group 2014/2015]. So much of my research is about conversations, and so much of what I have enjoyed about the workshops has been the opportunity to engage in conversations with staff and other students; so here, post-workshops, the conversation may continue!

Thinking about my research it was probably inevitable that beginning with such a highly empirical approach would be tempered by an antithesis of a strong leaning towards practice led enquiry. Even the accumulation of 'data' still felt like a personal adventure through the internet in it's own right. Full of little diversions and pitstops which often pure data doesn't acknowledge. As my conversation series demonstrates I found the coffee breaks and cafe chit-chat equally as useful as the sterile data production interspersed with coffee breaks, Facebook trawling, and the odd cat video.