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The Do It Yourself City Manual (german: Do It Yourself Stadtanleitung) is available as a free booklet (digital version[1]) published by the Viennese Municipal Department 25 (Urban Renewal). It was produced by the district representatives of the 6th, 14th and 15th district in Vienna.[2]

The publication covers a wide range of small participatory urban project examples that deal with aspects of Crowdsourcing Urbanism. It gives an overview on legal regulations, issues and possibilities concerning interventions in the context of Vienna.


Temporary Bench For Resting

District Partnership


Finding Urban Voids

Inside and Outside

Inbetween Utilisation

Inbetween Utilisation Rights

Air Pump Station

Food Coop

Vacation On Fallow Ground

City Nature

Temporary Tree Pit Stool

Street Habitat

Fair Street Distribution

Open Air

Gardening Around The Corner

Pavement Occupance

Community Gardens

I Am My City

Garden Carrier

Hanging Gardens

Urban Knitting

Ask Next Door

Temporary Bench For Resting


  • GB6/14/15, DIY Stadtanleitung, Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Mai, 2014