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Crowdsourcing describes the Outsourcing of traditionally internal subtasks to voluntary users, for example on the internet. It is often used by companies, which invites the crowd to take part in special parts of the innovation- or production-process. The collective knowledge of the crowd is used to solve problems in research and development.


Subdivision of Crowdsourcing

Appropriate to the aim of crowdsourcing, by and by formed some different types of this process.

Open Innovation

OpenInnovation means the process of innovation within organisations is open and the knowledge and skills of the crowd are used to optimize the innovation potential. The open-innovation-concept describes the functional use of the in- and out-going knowledge to improve innovation.


Microtasking means to split up a large task into many tiny tasks which can be done by everybody within an hour. These tasks have to be well defined by the company, business or private person, so that the crowd is able to fulfill the job.


Crowdtesting or crowdsourced testing means to use the crowd as tester for applications, softwares, etc. instead of a test team.



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Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence