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Wir helfen. is a Facebook-page that provides coordination, information and communication of the Volunteers and Donators for the Refugees among different places of arrival in Austria.


Organisation The Page was created end of June by Caritas Austria. Due to the „sudden“ arrival of a lot of refugees at the Westbahnhof, Hauptbahnhof, Nickelsdorf,.. the public participation was enormous and many people came with different donations, water, food, clothes,.... Caritas Austria used amongst other pages and means of information, this Facebook page to organize or coordinate all the great help.

Communication is provided between volunteers and the different places of arrival (Westbahnhof, Hauptbahnhof, Nickelsdorf, Traiskirchen,...)

Information Is given permanently. Updates on the different locations. What is being done, how it is done and also a lot of Thanks from the People (refugees, volunteer, staff,..). Every now and then there are also appeals of "famous" people.

Coordination The Main aim of the Page is the coordination of donation of kind (clothes, food, drinks, sanitary products,...) Volunteers: Where, when and What (Doodlelinks are provided for that) Moneydonations (e.g. for Tikets,...)

The whole page is quite simple. Caritas posts what is needed and where also when it is best to bring. In the beginning it helped - and still do help - to know what one can do and where.

Here is an example of one Update: Wirhelfen Update.png