Architektur in Wels 1900-2014

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About the Book

"Architektur in Wels 1900 - 2014" is a german architecture guide about 110 buildings in the lower Austrian city Wels by Stefan Groh and Lorenz Potocnik. [1] This publishing project was self-initiaded by the two architects, who both work and teach in the fild of urban planning. The book is a portray of the former industrial city from the turn of the century untill today with photographs by the photographer Gregor Graf [2].


The launch of the book is backed by a croud funding campaing on Start Next.

Stefan Groh and Lorenz Potecnik about "Architektur in Wels 1900 - 2014":

  2. Bezirksrundschau Wels, Nr. 29, 16./17.7.2015