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About this site

Crowdsociety is a research project about the cultural, social and political implications of an emergent crowd economy. To start with, we focus on the transformative potential as well as associated problematics of these new forms of peer-to-peer interaction within the fields of art and architecture.

This wiki is the project's collaborative knowledge database. It is edited by researchers and students from a network of universities and functions as a knowledge-hub amongst all the people involved.

To get a first idea about the scope of this wiki, see the Index of All Pages.

Getting started

So far, editing is restriced - you have to have an invitation for contributing. Please feel free to contact the Admin for approval.
If you don't konw how to create or edit an article use our how-to and try the Testpage.

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Crowdsociety network

This Wiki is based on Media Wiki which is also the foundation of Wikipedia. You can use Wikipedia's "Help" or any search engine with the key words "mediawiki"+"your question".

The visual culture unit is working on several further webpages:

Networked Cultures
Other Markets
World of Matter

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